The Future Energy Leaders Portugal (FELPT) programme, of the World Energy Council and Associação Portuguesa da Energia (APE), is based on the Council's FEL-100 (Future Energy Leaders) programme and is designed to inspire the Portuguese energy leaders of tomorrow.

FELPT provides a platform to build a rich professional network, to interact with senior energy leaders in our country and across the world. The FELPT programme also connects the young energy professionals of Portugal to a global network of future energy leaders, through interaction with the Council’s FEL-100 programme.

The programme invites future energy leaders to contribute to the Council Portuguese Member Committee’s energy dialogue, to support the development of balanced national policy frameworks, and to help shape energy solutions for tomorrow, tailored to the national and regional context and needs.

The FELPT programme builds on creative ideas and innovative potential to challenge conventional thinking and explore new strategies for the future of the energy systems, offering to young professionals a unique opportunity to learn, to develop skills and to participate in the debate of critical energy issues.

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