About Women Energy Portugal

«Despite making up 48% of the global labour force – women only account for 22% of the traditional energy sector. For management levels, the numbers are even lower. The barriers women face in the energy sector are similar to those they face elsewhere in the economy. » IEA, 2019

Women Energy Portugal (WEP) arises from the desire to contribute for diversity and inclusion. A group of women aiming to connect and empower women working in the energy sector in Portugal, a sector where the female workforce is still a minority worldwide.

WEP is fostered by Associação Portuguesa da Energia (APE).

Mission and Values

Women Energy Portugal (WEP) aims to bridge the existing women’s gap in the energy sector:

  • Reaching and connecting women working in the energy industry and related activities in Portugal;
  • Promoting the discussion and share experiences across generations and different backgrounds;
  • Empowering women;
  • Fostering self-confidence of younger generations;
  • Promoting equity at leadership levels

The main WEP values are:

  • Inclusiveness;
  • Interaction;
  • Commitment;

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Who and how can I join?

WEP aims to connect women experts across the energy industry. These include APE’s members, FELPT, and other professionals who meet the following criteria:

  • Solid interest and track record in the energy sector;
  • Experience or background in an energy-related field;
  • Highly motivated and committed to work within WEP activities;
  • Aligned with the group values;
  • Fluent in Portuguese and with a recommended advanced level of English;
  • Portuguese Citizenship, residence in Portugal or working for a Portuguese company abroad.

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Or contact us: wep@apenergia.pt