FELPT Founding Members

Founding Members

Nuno Silva

Chair of the FEL-100 board

“My participation in the FEL programme has been a life changing and enriching experience at all levels. At professional level, it is a unique opportunity not only to deepen my knowledge but also to develop new skills on topics away from my comfort zone, learning with worldwide experts and getting involved in projects alongside them. The global reach of the network also creates a long-lasting network for business partnerships and even enduring friendships. At personal level, to feed my curiosity while challenging myself to go far and beyond is an invaluable takeaway. The more I give to the programme, the more I take away. The FEL-100 also facilitates and promotes diversity of thought by enabling the contact with all major stakeholders within the energy sector cross all geographies and with fellow FELs that share the same passion and will to make the world a better and more sustainable place. This community presents an unique opportunity to cause tangible impact and create a legacy in fast forwarding the energy transition.”

“For me, being part of FEL-100 community is a unique opportunity to be surrounded of amazing and inspiring people that work everyday to bring their knowledge to contribute and engage at national and worldwide level to achieve a common goal: a greener and sustainable world. In my first year (2019) as a FEL it was a fantastic experience to be envolved in the biggest energy event the “24º World Energy Congress” at Abu Dhabi and present our work as community to governments and senior leaders that can at the moment take decisions to promote the right actions and policies to change our present and the future of next generations! Based on my experience, the FEL-100 programme is a must for young professionals willing to become the energy leaders of tomorrow.”

Pedro Ernesto Ferreira


Ana Sousa


“Joining FEL-100 programme is an opportunity to make the difference and be instrumental in addressing one of the world's most pressing issues, rather than being just a witness. As a multifaceted Engineer and Energy enthusiast, there could be no better purpose than serving the leading global network of Energy experts. I joined the FEL programme in 2020, and I feel the urge to learn, to be trained, to network but, mostly, to humbly give back, energise the discussion, and contribute to problem-solving. I believe our generation has the opportunity and the duty to endeavour the most needed energy transition while humanising the energy.”